Hand-painted Funguise™ Magnet - King Bolete (Darker)

Hand-painted Funguise™ Magnet - King Bolete (Darker)

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 This is a hand-painted resin reproduction of an original Funguise sculpture.

The NEW AND IMPROVED Funguise magnets have a lot more DIMENSION than previous editions. Now featuring BIGGER BELLIES and more BODACIOUS BOOTIES (depending on the designs) these magnets literally stand out on your refrigerator/locker/metal rack/etc... 

Fungus lovers will appreciate the meticulously sculpted gills, which have been updated for more morphological accuracy based on the reference materials.

Each piece has TWO super strong magnets on the back which is also signed and dated by the artist. ALL MAGNETS COME WITH A HAND-STAMPED GIFT BOX for storage or gifting. 

And of course you can gently rub their heads, bellies (or booties) for a little mid-day pick me up or good luck! ;)


Although I repeat certain colors and patterns, every single piece is hand painted!!

Due to the hand-painted nature of these pieces you may receive a piece with slight variations in color!! Spots may be in slightly different locations and shadows or highlights will vary between each piece.


Item Size:  3.25 inches at tallest  x  2.5 inches at widest  x  1.25 inches at thickest

Materials: Resin, Acrylic Paint, Polyurethane Varnish


Package Details: 

- Includes a gift box for each magnet.

Special Instructions:

* Although varnished, may not be resistant to rough scratching!

* Do not expose to prolonged moisture or extreme sunlight to preserve colors.

Funguise is a trademark of Wicked West LLC
Photography/Art by Brenda West (c) 2023
Do NOT redistribute any of these images without my explicit consent!