Funguise® Sculpture #C27-2023
Funguise® Sculpture #C27-2023
Funguise® Sculpture #C27-2023
Funguise® Sculpture #C27-2023
Funguise® Sculpture #C27-2023
Funguise® Sculpture #C27-2023

Funguise® Sculpture #C27-2023

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Funguise sculptures make an excellent addition to your collection of miniatures, curio cabinet or indoor fairy garden!

Each sculpture is completely hand-sculpted out of polymer clay, so no molds were used in the conjuring of this creature.  Although I may repeat certain colors, textures, or shapes from time to time no two are *exactly* alike!

Each figurine is signed and numbered by the artist. 

*chanterelle w/ slug on shoulders


Each figurine comes with:

  • "How to Care for your Funguise Friend" mini-zine

Materials: Polymer Clay, Acrylic Paint, Polyurethane Varnish, Wooden Base

Size: Approx.  4 inches TALL x  2 inches LONG x  2 inches WIDE

To preserve the carefully hand-painted and varnished exterior please avoid scratching, soaking in moisture, or keeping it in harsh sunlight for prolonged periods of time. However a layer of UV protective spar-urethane is added to protect the colors from general exposure to sunlight. 


Package Details:

Original Figurines REQUIRE "Priority" Class mail, but are insured as a result!


Special Instructions:

* Intended for collection and decoration only. 
* Not made for play and should not be given to children! (13+)
* Just like ceramic, polymer clay can break with enough force. Be careful.
* Handle with care, multimedia details can be bumped out of place!
* Do not expose to prolonged moisture or sunlight to preserve lifespan!


By completing your purchase you acknowledge that you have read and agree to my shop policies page.

Funguise is a trademark of Wicked West LLC
Photography/Art by Brenda West (c) 2023
Do NOT redistribute any of these images without my explicit consent!

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